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NPAA Heart Award

This award is not about impressive before and after pictures, you can find those photos anywhere… and in fact almost every competitor has a few of those in their portfolio.  

This award is to recognize an athlete that has transformed more than just their appearance, they have transformed their life.

Please submit a nomination or self-nomination for an athlete that has battled to lose weight, or gain weight, overcome some obstacle, been the first and last out of the gym every night, overcome an impairment, illness, or addiction.

They may be a busy mom or dad or student or hard worker that has inspired many around them, someone that has experienced a relationship breakdown and used training to help improve their life,
and for all athletes that have come out on the other side of a challenge a fighting champion.

We are proud of all the NPAA athletes that walk on our stage, and sometimes there is a story, a background history about an athlete that needs to be told.  Please share your story, and submit below


Please note: submissions close two weeks prior to show date

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