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NPAA Membership

NPAA Memberships provide the following:

  • Permitted to compete in NPAA and/or NPAA-sanctioned events.
  • Discounted rates at NPAA and/or NPAA-sanctioned workshops and affiliates.
  • NPAA email notifications (newsletters, upcoming workshops, opportunities, etc.)

Membership Application Instructions

  1. "Click Here" to view the membership form.  Please print and complete the form.
  2. Submit the form by mail or fax. 
    Mail: NPAA, 260, 607 – 8TH Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P-0A7
    Fax: 1(403)265-8039.
  3. Submit payment by online (PayPal or credit card) or by mail (money order).

Competitor/Athlete Name
Athlete Email Address
Athlete Mailing Address

    Note: Please retain the PayPal transaction ID number is confirmation of your purchase.  An email will be sent within 2 to 3 business days with your membership number.