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Men's Bodybuilding

Suit Selection/Athlete Attire

All posing suits will be evaluated at Athlete Registration the day before the event.

Posing suits (both rounds) must be one-piece trunks, of solid colour, and covering a minimum of half of the gluteus maximus and all of the frontal area.  The side of the trunks must be minimum 1cm width.  NPAA will provide competitor numbers that are to be worn on the left side of the posing suit.

G-strings and/or Thongs are not permitted

Small earrings and wedding rings are permitted

Divisions and Classes*

Men’s Novice Bodybuilding 
• Men's Novice classes will be announced after weigh in at registration.  Please note that if there are more than 8 competitors there will be 2 classes.  The classes will be divided up evenly and fairly based on weight.

Men's Open Bodybuilding 
• Lightweight (155lbs and under)
• Middleweight (over 155lbs to 175lbs)
• Heavyweight (over 175lbs)

Men's Elite-Pro Bodybuilding 
• Lightweight (155lbs and under)
• Middleweight (over 155lbs to 175lbs)
• Heavyweight (over 175lbs)

Men's Masters Bodybuilding
• Masters (40 years of age and older)

Men's IPE Pro Bodybuilding 
• Please refer to General Rules and Regulations for information on IFPA Pro Division Eligibility

Please note that weight classes depend on total number of entries in a division.  Hence, NPAA reserves the right to modify the weight classes to ensure even and fair division of the classes to promote a high standard of competition at each event.


• Masters competitors are permitted to crossover to Elite-Pro, Open, or Novice

Men's Bodybuilders are permitted to crossover to Men's Classic Physique

• Men's Bodybuilders are not permitted to crossover to Men's Physique

Judging Criteria

Bodybuilding judging takes five elements into account:

• Muscularity – overall size of muscle groups

• Definition – the degree of muscularity brought about by the absence of subcutaneous body fat

• Proportion – equal balance of development between muscle groups

• Symmetry – equal balance of development between each side of the physique

• Stage Presentation – ability to display muscular development during comparisons, skin tone, and suit selection.


Round 1

Competitors are brought on stage in a line up (facing the judges in front relaxed pose), asked to perform quarter turns (turning right), and perform the following mandatory poses: 

• Front Double Biceps

• Front Lat Spread

• Left Side Chest

• Left Side Triceps

• Rear Double Biceps

• Rear Lat Spread

• Right Side Chest

• Right Side Triceps 

• Abdominal Thigh

• Most Muscular Pose of Your Choice (Hands on Hips Most Muscular or Crab Most Muscular)

Competitors must keep both feet flat on the floor and face the same direction that their feet are pointing during quarter turns.

The judges may ask to see certain competitors together and change the order of the lineup at any time during group comparisons, and may request to see certain poses again for closer comparison of select individuals. Please be sure to practice the mandatory poses accordingly as improper execution of these poses may prevent the “best” physique from winning.


Round 2

Each competitor is introduced individually to perform a 30 second free posing routine to the background music (supplied by NPAA). 

Costumes and/or props are not permitted


Competitors are brought back on stage in a line up facing the judges (relaxed pose).  

Top 5 competitors are announced