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Transformation Division


This is a celebratory category for athletes who want to participate in NPAA events without competing in the Model/Figure/Physique/Bodybuilding Division(s). 

Athletes will be able to show off their healthy transformations  without having to wear a  bikini or bodybuilding trunks on stage.

Competitors will wear fitness wear/workout wear of their choice that they feel wonderful in:
  • Women: shorts/leggings etc and a tank top/t-shirt/sports bra and running shoes; 
  • Men: board shorts & muscle shirt/t-shirt, running shoes or barefoot.
  • Stage tan, hair and make up is recommended

In addition to the story submission, we ask all competitors to email a "before" photo to with the subject line "Transformation Category" a MINIMUM of two weeks before show date

NPAA Membership is NOT required.

NO CROSSOVER into any category is allowed.

Judging Round 

Competitors are brought on stage in a line up facing the judges.  At that point each competitor is introduced individually and asked to perform the following individual walk/5-point turn while their story is presented:

• Walking out to rear centre stage and pausing briefly in a stance of his/her choice

• Then walk up to the front centre stage (pause/pose)

A 20 second "5 point turn" at Centre Stage will be completed to provide the enough time for the story submission to be presented. (must include at one front facing, one side and one rear facing pose)

• Finally walk back to their place in the competitor line up 

Each competitor will have 20 to 30 seconds to complete their presentation.


  • 5 point turn is as follows:


Awards are presented once each athlete has completed his/her individual walk.